After ten years of uninterrupted growth, ANTICIP has evolved its operations in Iraq and thus becomes the first French security operator within the country. "ANTICIP is now the only French Enterprise Services Security and Defense (ESSD) having the experience and capabilities of operating effectively within high risk environments at global level” said Cyrille PEGUILHAN de SARTOUX, General Manager, former member of GIGN, and co - ANTICIP Founder.

"This is the consecration of our unique knowledge in the field for 10 years. The Middle East, and Iraq in particular, is an area of ​​such complexity that only long-term presence and proven procedures guarantee success among major European clients. We are thus retained by the majority of major French and European groups to ensure their safety, but also to accompany them in the framework for design and implementation of contingency plans such as Mosul Dam evacuation plan and other major embassies and business groups during the ISIS crisis." The company has more than 900 employees and a fleet of 400 armoured vehicles operating throughout Iraq. It has operational centres in Baghdad and Basra with “overwatch and Support” being provided by Global Operations Centres in both Dubai and Paris. The Iraq structure also boasts a residential complex and business centre offering more than forty rooms and offices for its customers in the capital and a secure residential compound in Basra. The group is one of the very few groups to verify the compliance of the PSC1 and ISO 18788 standards. These two combined certifications allow access to the consultations of state institutions and major contractors.