Evaluation, procedures and categorisation of hotels for international travel.
The objective of these audits is to identify and analyse the residual risks of each hotel with regard to the prevention, protection and organisation of the arrangements set up locally. These audits will make it possible to initiate security processes for accommodation in the country concerned.

Each hotel is screened according to a proven procedure (matrix of more than 70 criteria). Which also includes general vulnerabilities, perimeters, access points, internal aspects and external threats.

Hotel Security Audits

Auditing the security of hotels to identify a city's safest hotels.
  • Hotels Shortlist
  • A selection of the best hotels
  • Hotels which do not offer sufficient guarantees are excluded from the selection
  • Destination Specificity
  • Employer's Criterias
  • Collaborators Profil
  • To go further
  • Auditing & Ranking
  • Rating of selected hotels
  • Each hotel is scrutinised through a matrix covering over 70 criterias.
  • General vulnerabilities
  • Perimetric vulnerabilities
  • Building's vulnerabilities
  • To go further
  • New
  • Hotel Offers
  • Auditing at the source
  • To Interven as consultant from the conception phase of the hotel.
  • Human factors
  • Technical factors
  • Operationnal factors
  • To go further
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