All essential information for preparing international travel and expatriation of employees
The quality of information is a major issue today in the face of many unskilled and unreliable sources. Aware that information is an essential part of prevention, ANTICIP proposes to inform travellers in real-time about safety conditions in 192 countries (recognised by the international community). In an interconnected world, ANTICIP distributes its information according to available networks (mail, push, app, sms). The subscriber receives security alerts, climate or health warnings directly and can therefore anticipate events that could have important consequences on life or property.

All information to reduce risks related to business travels

Informing on events which could have an impact on collaborators and the company's activities, before, during and after all of your business travels.
  • Country files
  • 197 clear and synthetic country files with detailed risk levels. Printable as a double sided PDF.
  • Terrorist risk
  • Political risk
  • Social risk
  • Criminal risk
  • Travel risk
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  • Hotel database
  • Security audits & ranking of a city's hotels following a 70 security criteria matrix.
  • General vulnerabilities
  • Perimetric vulnerabilities
  • Building's vulnerabilities
  • Human audit
  • Technical and operational audit
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  • Security Alerts
  • Each day, security alerts by email on every event impacting companies security.
  • Riots
  • Strikes
  • Natural disasters
  • Attacks
  • Demonstrations
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9 employees out of 10 are stressed by international business trips