How to ensure that employees acquire the knowledge and behaviors required for international travel?

Faced with an increase in security related problems during travel, company and individual responsibilities, reinforced by several cases of case law, ANTICIP proposes a tool that is articulated around four functionalities: real-time location of travelers, instantaneous communication (whether general or targeted), use of multiple communication channels for greater efficiency, and communication of the company to its employees and vice versa. In particular, travelers can be monitored, tracked and communicate their GPS coordinates, or request assistance when needed, while the company benefits from a wide range of communication channels: voice, recorded messages, text messages, email, or even Twitter. These are new guarantees for the traveler with a view to securing travel by means of effective tools to anticipate the unpredictable and ensure its duty of protection.

The all-in-one solution to reduce risks relating to international mobility

Alerting in real time one's collaborators thanks to 3.0 traveller tracking tools.
  • Recording
  • Recording
  • Automatic recording of travel data
  • PNR capture
  • Open-booking management
  • Any agency or GDS
  • Any travel style
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  • Informations
  • Before travelling
  • Information and training of collaborators
  • Country files
  • Practical files
  • Security news
  • Digital learning
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  • Travelers tracking
  • Travelers Tracking
  • Locate employees to respond in case of a crisis.
  • Online mapping
  • Multi-criteria research tool
  • Risk messaging
  • Cellphone geolocation
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