A grid of analysis and recommendations adapted to each area.

Anticip implements a Quality Assurance Plan through auditing. The audits are carried by ANTICIP Management, security specialists and qualified HSE personnel using a list of essential criteria according to the scope of services, minimum security standards, policies and procedures including HSE & VPSHR. Grading of performances will always be related directly to the deliverables specified in the SOS/KPI.

The auditing team is responsible for identifying shortfalls and offering remedies to quickly and effectively resolve errors or gaps within the security and risk management requirements. Formal reports are produced detailing inadequacies, although these are not designed to necessarily criticism managers or activities. The aim of the rectification process is to mentor and develop, as well as address risks and any shortfalls in security management practices.

Risk Assessment

Each country, each city is subject to a particular assessment of the level of risk. Risk assessment is the first step in an audit which should enable a security approach adapted to the context of the country concerned. Identifying and analyzing the residual risks of each place with regard to the prevention and protection mechanisms is the task of ANTICIP.

Vulnerability Analysis and Recommendations

Several steps are involved in carrying out an audit:
Definition of the security policy of the owner of the risk
Preparation of a security plan via an operational procedure
Implementation of an emergency plan

Concrete benefits

In an anxiety-filled news, consulting and auditing provides employees with information validated by experts, and consequently saves time in the event of a crisis. The benefit applies directly to the peace of mind of the traveler. For the employer, vulnerability audits make it possible to better take security risks into account and thus meet its legal obligations. This includes Duty of Care, risk management, an effective response to crises, improved procedures and better internal communication, all of which reinforce a brand image.

Hotel Audits

Hotels that do not offer sufficient guarantees are excluded from the selection made beforehand according to the destination. Each hotel is screened according to a proven method that meets a matrix of more than 100 criteria. These audits make it possible to secure the type of accommodation adapted to the risk context of the country concerned. In case of absence of a policy of travel in the company, ANTICIP proposes a section 'Security of the travelers' to measure. In order to benefit from a complete system, different options are offered to the partner:
Airport / Hotel Travel Risk Management
Recommendation and accreditation of providers
Technological tracking solutions for employees' personal activities combined with their professional activities

Audits of industrial sites

Industrial sites are particularly sensitive and represent potential targets. To avoid any eventuality, an audit and advice step is necessary. The resulting recommendations thus make it possible to optimize as much as possible the security of the employees, taking into account the aforementioned criteria, and to reinforce the site and its economic capacities against the risk.