How to minimize the risk exposure of construction companies?
Construction sites, particularly in the energy / oil sector, can be confronted with all kinds of threats: thefts, intrusions, attacks, demonstrations, riots or even attacks. In order to protect its interests, a company must put in place an adapted security system.

Studies and site audit

An audit of the infrastructures and a visit of the sites are carried out by an expert of ANTICIP, in order to identify the risks and problems encountered. ANTICIP provides a personalized diagnosis and assists its clients in the implementation of measures to minimize their exposure.

Protection of building sites

ANTICIP advises its clients on the implementation of the measures according to four criteria:

1. Physical means of protection (ergonomics of places, building structures, etc.),

2. Human resources (patrols, guards, K9 ...),

3. Technical means (fencing, access control ...),

4. Plans and Procedures (Standard Operating Procedures - SOPs, Contingency Planning, Business Continuity Plan, Crisis Management plan ...).