Security is now a guarantee of growth

For 10 years, ANTICIP has been accompanying companies, institutions and economic agents in reducing their exposure to risks in order to enable the emergence of new markets. Having access to quality information and security analysis is essential prior to any project of international development.

Business security
Malicious actions, hacking, terrorism or war, no economic actor can affirm that his interests are safe from these threats. These events, which shatter people’s lives and drag companies from making profit to crisis management are by nature unforeseeable and can have devastating effects.

Through the operational management of those risks and their consequences, ANTICIP upholds the stringency level of its client, whether they are of a qualitative or of an economical nature, and brings a serene operative framework to allow it to fully express its influence and development potential.

Solutions tailored for mobility

A security analysis tailored for the client’s zone of operation allows for:

• Identifying risks and dreaded events
• Proposing tailored solutions in order to eradicate, reduce or transfer the intensity and the frequency of the current threats.
Furthermore, depending on the company’s needs, ANTICIP provides training seminars and sensibilization to the risks faced by collaborators during their business trips, but also about cultural or contextual contingencies in their country of destination.

The aim is to put in place a wide range of solutions to inform and prepare business travelers within the scope of the duty of care that companies have to uphold.