Nowadays, companies must meet numerous security threats. Anticipation and preparation are key to facing a possible crisis.
Security plan
Establishing a security plan allows companies to assess threats, risks, identify, shortfalls and provides detailed procedures that ca minimise impact in the event of an emergency or crisis.
Crisis management exercises
Once the security plan has been set up, how can one be sure that the system will work satisfyingly in situations of emergency? Handling a crisis correctly can only be done if every contingencies have been thought through. ANTICIP offers crisis management exercises in order to verify the plan’s viability and to test your collaborators reaction.
ANTICIP’s crisis management solution
ANTICIP offer a 24/7 dedicated hotline in order to be able to intervene on any kind of crisis (kidnapping, extortions, malicious acts etc.). We can immediately set-up a task-force at the client’s location, on the field and around families with qualified negotiators (QNC 1, 2 & 3), ANTICIP experts ensure the negotiations through the entire crisis. ANTICIP can also immediately set up a psychological support cell and provide for emergency repatriations.