Hotels have become a privileged target of terrorist attacks.
Recently, the attacks in Sousse, Bamako and Grand Bassam have shown how hotels and resorts can be an easy target.

Audit and classification of hotels

ANTICIP provides a classification of hotels safe according to the destination to guarantee the maximum safety of the employees of its customers. This ranking takes into account the specificities of each country and city in terms of risk levels and types of threats.
ANTICIP also carries out numerous audits in order to assess the risks of each hotel in terms of local prevention, protection and organization of safety. They must make it possible to initiate a process of securing the establishment according to local conditions. ANTICIP thus scrutinises each hotel according to a proven methodology and a matrix of more than 70 criteria.

Choice of providers

As in the case of hotels, the audit of providers is based on a list of criteria that take account of their business. The accreditation by ANTICIP makes it possible to identify the best providers in terms of safety, VTC (audit of the fleet, training of drivers ...) and airport.