While international travel is a prerequisite for business development, the responsibilities of the employer are numerous and the legislator has put in place a consistent system that places the responsibility of the employer on the employee Missionary, civil, social and criminal.

In recent years, French jurisprudence has tightened its position on corporate liability, thus imposing an obligation on the employer to achieve a result in terms of safety. Upstream of the displacement, this involves measures to prevent occupational risks, information and training modules. During the mission, it is the setting up of an organization on a zone of operations and means adapted to ensure the security and integrity of the missionary.

Travelers tracking

ANTICIP offers its customers solutions to track travelers. Thus, while meeting the requirements of the "duty of care" described above and respecting the employee's privacy with respect to his / her on-site travel and freedom of movement, the employee is assisted to evolve seren- Perimeter with low risk exposure:
The reception at the airport (meet and greet),
Escorts, static and residential security,
The location of the employee,
The information transmitted to the employee in real time over his area of ​​operation.

Inform and train the traveler

The training upstream of the journey aims at the acquisition of good behaviors in case of stressful situation and the development of a capacity of anticipation. It also allows the traveler to be informed of the security, cultural, social and health situation in the country of destination before departure. In the field and thanks to the follow-up of the travelers, updated information is placed at his disposal, warning him of the potential risk and the approach to be followed during his movements.

Audit of the accommodation places of the city

Hotels have become a strategic target for terrorism. ANTICIP offers companies a grid of analysis and recommendations adapted to each type of accommodation. The objective is the safe validation of places of residence to ensure the maximum safety of its employees.