How to assess the risk level per destination?

The risk level assessment is key to decision making. It enables the purchaser to programme or cancel business trips in the light of complete and factual information.
A risk visibility
Events and occurrences may put into question the organisation of a business trip in a so-called “risky zone”.In order to highlight these risks to our clients, ANTICIP provides a decision making solution by providing a risk level assessment per country; it is a permanent security monitoring mechanism that is updated continuously and includes the latest incidents, threats alerts and risk levels.
A common methodology for a distinctive evaluation of each zone of operation.

ANTICIP assesses the risk-level of a zone depending on historical events, combined with current and predicted threats, as well as the threats source.
The methodology applied by ANTICIP is based on a qualitative analysis (the occurrences’ frequency and intensity) and quantitative (the risk acceptance threshold and the probability of occurrence).
The cross-analysis of operative events and their impacts allows for a clear reading of the level and nature of the risk at the time of the study.