Large farms, large numbers of personnel, hostile environment: the oil and gas sector is often confronted with consistent safety issues.
ANTICIP has carried out all the safety engineering of several oil and gas customers.

Study of the means to be implemented

In the preparatory phase, the security approach consists of evaluating and quantifying the means to be implemented. Depending on the level of risk acceptable to the client and its needs ANTICIP develops safety plans and procedures in line with the site.

Protection of work areas

In the operating phase, the objective is to maintain a standard of protection for work areas. To do this, ANTICIP proposes an operational team to guide and supervise this protection on the spot. In case of necessity, the client is also connected, through ANTICIP, with law enforcement and local authorities.


The security of daily trips requires an adapted accompaniment which can go through an armed escort or armored vehicles. ANTICIP assists its customers in respect of their productivity and their delivery times.