How to ensure that employees acquire the knowledge and behaviors required for international travel?
Faced with a rise in issues related to travel security and the responsibility of decision-makers, the publishing and training division's mission is to inform and train decision-makers and employees upstream of a trip. ANTICIP offers a customized editorial production on all supports.


Aware that information is an essential part of prevention, ANTICIP informs travelers in real time of the security conditions in 192 countries by making available to the decision-maker the analyzes necessary for its decision-making.
Safety alerts,
Country profiles,
Weekly and monthly newsletters
This analysis allows employees to move into an area of ​​risk in full knowledge of the facts by giving them access to the elements necessary to understand a local problem and to make informed decisions. The analysis contributes to the employee's ability to anticipate the unpredictable.

In-person training

In order to be able to react appropriately to the location and situation in which the employee may be confronted, ANTICIP offers training and sensitization to travel in areas at risk in the following areas:

Crisis management
Managing the Conflict of Social Conflicts
Crisis Exercises (table tops & readiness exercises)

Plans and procedures
Crisis management plan
General Safety Plan & Directives
Business Continuity Plan

Specialized training
Behaviors in risk environments
Title Training (National Directory of Professional Certifications)
Training course
Protection in hostile zones
Close protection