Protecting the corporation's tangible and intangible assets is an inherent necessity for development irrespective of the governance model.

The ANTICIP SECURITY ENGINEERING division supports its clients throughout the entire chain of the risk management master plan (insert the diagram). The services provided are based on a field-proven operational methodology.

Protecting people

After a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the risks exposure, ANTICIP designs protection plans. The following operational solutions contribute to the evaluation, prevention, protection and intervention where and when necessary to ensure the safety and security of people:
• Audits – Threat assessment,
• Securing : Reduction, transfer and risk eradication
• Armed escorts, residential surveillance
• Tracking, localisation tools and doubt dispelling
• Negotiation,
• Evacuation – Medevac / Casevac.

Protecting tangible and intangible assets

Functional evaluation and analysis of sites ergonomics allows for the development for adapted solutions, called “candidate solutions”, to avoid possible intrusions or attacks, but also to protect the company’s flows, data and information.