2006 At the end of a 14-year career with GIGN, Cyrille PEGUILHAN DE SARTOUX joined the SOFEMA Group to develop a dedicated crisis management unit, the 'ANTICIP' brand was created.

2007 The management of SOFEMA's Safety and Security role is entrusted to Richard TERZAN, former Director of the Special Risks Office, then in Beijing. With this new expertise in managing major risks, the ANTICIP cell expands its field of expertise and proposes a global offer in the field of safety.

2008 The year is marked by a major turning point in the evolution of the cell. The change of management of SOFEMA leads to a redefinition of the strategy of the Group and the opportunity is offered to ANTICIP to become a structure in its own right. On 1 January 2008, ANTICIP SAS was created. This new autonomy allows ANTICIP to scale internationally and establish a first subsidiary in Nigeria.

2009 The growth in activity and the volume of missions carried out make it possible to strengthen the ANTICIP strategy. Failing to pretend to be able to position itself on all the zones, ANTICIP chooses to concentrate on West Africa, the Middle East and a second implantation is opened in Iraq in Baghdad and then Kabul in Afghanistan.

2010 ANTICIP continues to expand in Nigeria, particularly in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt. The frequency of missions in neighboring countries allows ANTICIP to widen its experience in the region. In the Middle East, 2010 was marked by numerous missions to Yemen, Afghanistan and Iraq.

2011 ANTICIP meets a rapid expansion in Iraq. ANTICIP now has a permanent office and capacity in Baghdad (Green Zone) and Basra (COB). True to its strategy of proximity services, ANTICIP establishes a subsidiary in Dubai to better serve the Middle East market.

2012 ANTICIP holds its own Security license in Iraq - "Near East Security Services"

2015 In addition to the activities in Iraq, ANTICIP has chosen to develop a wide range of products and services in the field of safety engineering: passenger safety, monitoring and tracking tools. An operations control room is installed and armed 24/7 in Dubai and Paris.

2016 ANTICIP opens a subsidiary in Germany, ANTICIP GmBh and deploys its operations in Libya with its local subsidiaries in Tripoli, "Djebel ANTICIP".