ANTICIP is a Security Company. In this area, the skills and operational experience base the legitimacy of the services and the singularity of the services. ANTICIP's professions thus use special skills where, more than elsewhere, the choices and decisions of its men have a direct and immediate consequence on threats or crisis situations. Finally, ANTICIP intervenes in sensitive areas where often only the loyalty, the integrity and the rigor of the men guarantee the safeguard and the durability of the people and the goods.
For all these reasons, we think that it is necessary to indicate without nuances, the rules that govern our functioning and the principles that drive us. More than adhering to a Code, these rules and principles are the fundamentals that drive our lives and our vision of ANTICIP's business venture.


ANTICIP is clearly identified by the French authorities and the supervisory bodies that control and supervise security activities. Our culture and our roots suggest a special attachment to respect for the interests of our country, the republican spirit and the legislation of the territories in which we operate. We demand transparency - in all circumstances of the operations carried out by ANTICIP and monitor progress through tracking and auditing.


Through its financial autonomy and its private shareholding, ANTICIP is free from its choices and the conduct of its development. Consequently, ANTICIP reserves the right to refuse any mission or any relationship with a legal or natural entity that we would judge in contravention of the rules and principles that constitute ANTICIP’s ethical charter.


ANTICIP commits itself to its clients and customers only when we are certain of being able to fully involve ourselves, and until completion of the contract without conflict of interest or risk of obstruction. Moreover, according to ANTICIP's conception, the security must respect the doctrine and the instructions, especially the cultural ones of the owner of the risk. Through its actions and initiatives, ANTICIP ensures that it never behaves intrusively and never compromises the integrity of organisations and systems.


By its nature, ANTICIP is required to collect a certain amount of confidential information or, where appropriate, to access it. ANTICIP is intended to be solely the depositary in the performance of its services. These data remain the exclusive property of the client or the customer. The culture of secrecy and the discretion of behavior are basic rules for ANTICIP. This rigorous attitude is a style that clearly distinguishes ANTICIP from other companies. Our ethical charter is regularly revised and enriched to ensure that ANTICIP remains committed to these rules and principles during the course of its development and the evolution of the markets.